My Computer is Broken

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How many times have you turned on the computer and think, this computer isn't working like new.

Could it be missing files, corrupt information, a virus, malware?

Microsoft has made this program called FixIt that fixes the most commom problems with computer systems.

FixIt will fix missing files and corrupt information. I recommend ALL FixIt's with ALL of These  adware removers to fix your computer. All Free.

It's just better to use them all to remove what ever is there because some remove other things others don't and vice versus. It's complete and works better.

Some install on your computer and some don't. All should be safe with no ads.

You can also stop all those startup programs when your computer starts, some might not be needed. Download Glary Utilities 5, it's free and safe, go to system control,  startup items, look for usefulness, and disable all that have no stars.

Free Adware Removers

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If you have a Computer that just does not seem to work right these removers do make a difference.

All are free and work on your Windows PC.

Some do install on your computer and others don't.


For Spyware. Malware, Adware. Free to use.

Norton Power Eraser

Deletes rootkits and adware. Free to use.

Adware Removal Tool

This removes adware and is free to use.


Scan your computer for adware, hijack, and check startup. Free to use.


Software that looks for hijackers, toolbars, unwanted programs, and adware. Free to use.


It detects and removes rootkits, malware, adware. Free to use.

Bitdefender Ad Removal

It finds and deletes adware. Free to use.

RegRun Reanimator

For malware, rootkits, adware. Free to use.

My Router Password is Lost

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Finding lost router passwords is not hard.
You can find it by typing your ip address in the Search and logging in to your router.
Most require you to type the words admin for the username and that's all you need to log in.


After logging in to your router, for example d-link, (recommended apple or netgear) go to wireless settings, manual wireless connection setup, then go down to WPA/WPA2 and look for the network key, that is your router password.

That's all there is for D-Link and finding your lost router password.


For Netgear go here.


For Apple go here

That's all there is to it,
Graham Durose

Autoresponders and AWeber Heart

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Please take time to watch the AWeber Video Tutorial.

Thank you,
Graham Durose

Are Computer Cleaners Needed

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Over the last few years i have tried many Computer Cleaners.

You know, the ones that clean files off your computer to make it work faster.

I will start off with what i don't like about them.

The registry side of things, i don't like cleaning anything in here. Sometimes the risk of removing a few things that might be a risk/problem invitation is not worth it.

Other than that i think Cleaners are all right if you keep it simple.

My Choices:

CCleaner - Not to many problems noticed - Still don't like using the registry cleaner

Slim Cleaner Free - Not to many problems

Slim Computer Free - Not to many problems

My Driver Software:

Slim Drivers Free - Not to many problems

Have a Good Day,

Graham Durose

Beginners and Newcombers Marketing Chris Farrell

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Please continue to Chris Farrell,