My Router Password is Lost

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Finding lost router passwords is not hard.
You can find it by typing your ip address in the Search and logging in to your router.
Most require you to type the words admin for the username and that's all you need to log in.


After logging in to your router, for example d-link, (recommended apple or netgear) go to wireless settings, manual wireless connection setup, then go down to WPA/WPA2 and look for the network key, that is your router password.

That's all there is for D-Link and finding your lost router password.


For Netgear go here.


For Apple go here

That's all there is to it,
Graham Durose

Autoresponders and AWeber Heart

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Please take time to watch the AWeber Video Tutorial.

Thank you,
Graham Durose

Are Computer Cleaners Needed

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Over the last few years i have tried many Computer Cleaners.

You know, the ones that clean files off your computer to make it work faster.

I will start off with what i don't like about them.

The registry side of things, i don't like cleaning anything in here. Sometimes the risk of removing a few things that might be a risk/problem invitation is not worth it.

Other than that i think Cleaners are all right if you keep it simple.

My Choices:

CCleaner - Not to many problems noticed - Still don't like using the registry cleaner

Slim Cleaner Free - Not to many problems

Slim Computer Free - Not to many problems

My Driver Software:

Slim Drivers Free - Not to many problems

Have a Good Day,

Graham Durose

Beginners and Newcombers Marketing Chris Farrell

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Please continue to Chris Farrell,

Reset Firefox and Internet Explorer

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I have used computers for a long time, and one thing i have noticed with them is they need to be Maintained.

One of the most easy ways to fix some large problems is to do this. There are a few more ways to maintain your computer as well.

1) Reset Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and look for the Tools Icon in the top Right Corner of the page. Click that and go down to the Internet Options and Click that to. Go to the Advanced Tab under Internet Options and Click that, then Click Reset. Now depending on how messed up your Computer is decide if you want to Check the Delete Personal Settings to. You could always come back to this later if you decide not to.

2) Reset Firefox

Click the Open menu in the top Right Corner, go down to the question mark, Open Help Menu, click that, go to Troubleshooting Information and Click that. In the Top Right it will say...

Reset Firefox to its default state

If you're having major problems which you can't resolve, start fresh with only your essential information.

Reset Firefox...

... and Click Reset Firefox.

==> Firefox will try to preserve your information, meaning if your Computer is in a bad way you could lose information, not likely, with my Computer anyways, but who knows, i think it is still worth it.

What all this does is Clean your Computer of problem issues like security issues and other things.

Other Free Ways to Secure Computer

Free Antivirus : 97% Removal Rate : Best Detection

Avira Free 2014 Antivirus

AVG Free 2014 Antivirus

Free Malware Removal: Cleanup Only

Malwarebytes Free

Don't run your computer as an administrator

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Why Not?

If you look up " Why you should not run your computer as an administrator" you will notice Microsoft does not recommend this.

Standard accounts prevent users from making changes, like deleting files that are required for the computer to work. They recommend creating a standard account for each user.

Anyways you might want to read this to.

Security Tech Center

What Should You do?

When you installed the Windows Operating System, an administrator account was created with full administrative privileges, and each user account you create during setup becomes a member of the administrators group.

This is a convenience because administrative privileges are necessary in order to run many programs. However, always running as a computer administrator makes your computer and network more vulnerable to virus attacks. If a malicious attacker takes control of your machine while you are logged in as an administrator, then he or she will have administrative rights on your local machine.

"If other users need the computer, installed software changing security settings, Windows might ask you to provide a password for an administrator account".

Therefore, for security reasons, one of the first things you should do after installing a Windows Operating System is to rename this built in administrator account and assign it a strong password.

Be careful what you let in to your computer with an administrator account.